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Professeurs/Marie-Christine CHALUS-SAUVANNET



Marie-Christine Chalus-Sauvannet, is a professor at the iaelyon School of Management (Lyon 3 University - France) where she is in charge of the Masters program in International Business. Her research in France and abroad focuses on entrepreneurship (business angels, performance of new companies, business transfers, profiles of entrepreneurs / buyers) as well as on business intelligence and monitoring for the conduct of proactive strategies.
She has enriched her career with years of professional experience in the private sector as a business creator, marketing director, and as a strategy consultant.

She is the president of the Society of Political and Social Economy of Lyon (SEPL), founded in 1866. The SEPL has a strong vocation for research and analysis of the economic and social world. It aims to contribute to the process of reflection being undertaken by actors of the metropolis of Lyon, while contributing to the development of the companies and organizations of the region.

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