Emmanuel Caillaud is a University Professor of Exceptional Class at the University of Strasbourg, in the Physics and Engineering Department.

He teaches production management and logistics, analysis and design methods, eco-design and sustainable development, initiation and practice of research, project management, quality assurance, operational research, ESPE, mechatronic systems and strategic intelligence.

He is an expert for the Haut Conseil de l’Evaluation et de la Recherche de l’Enseignement Supérieur (HCERES), a former member of the Conseil National des Universités (CNU), and a member of the steering committee of the GDR CNRS MACS as head of the application domains axis for the Production Sciences and Techniques section.

He carries out his research in the ICUBE laboratory (UMR 7357) on the themes of engineering for the environment and eco-design, production systems, research methods, integrated engineering, collaborative design, knowledge and skills in design and production and knowledge-based engineering.

He is the author of 30 articles published in leading academic journals and 8 book chapters.