HEC Paris

Françoise Chevalier, PhD and HDR, is an associate professor at HEC Paris and a member of the SHS (Human and Social Sciences) Department Council of the University of Paris Saclay. Coordinator of the Management and Human Resources Department and of the PhD in Management and Human Resources, member of the HEC Research Committee for several years, Françoise is now a member of the Academic Board of HEC Executive Education. Françoise Chevalier is a graduate of La Sorbonne (Ms in Literature), of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Ms in Sociology), of the University of Paris XII (Ms in Management Control) and of HEC Paris (PhD). She obtained her HDR at the University of Paris Est. She teaches in various HEC programmes and in Executive Education. She is a regular speaker to executives and managers of SMEs and ETIs.

Her research interests include human resources management, change management, managerial innovations and pedagogy. She is specialized in qualitative, comparative and longitudinal research methods. Expert for the ANRT (Agence Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie), member of the editorial board of the journal Gérer et Comprendre and of the Sage Editorial Board, Professor Chevalier has directed several theses that have received awards (Award for the Best Qualitative Paper in International Business AOM 2016 and Alan M. Rugman Prize of International Business AOM in 2018 to Vincent Meyer, FNEGE AGRH prize in 2017 to Julia Vincent-Ponroy, Le Monde University Research Prize in 2016 to Sébastien Stenger).

Professor Françoise Chevalier is currently conducting research on managerial innovations in SMEs/ETIs. She has published numerous articles, chapters of collective works, written or co-authored several books in both academic and professional fields. Françoise teaches regularly in China and Vietnam, in Lebanon and Iran, in Senegal and in Ivory Coast.