DEFÉLIX Christian

Grenoble IAE

Professor Agrégé des Universités, Christian Defélix has been Director of Grenoble IAE (Université Grenoble Alpes) since 2012 and is responsible for the IAE’s “Human Capital and Innovation” chair, which brings together ten member organisations in the high-tech sector.

He teaches the general approach to HRM, skills management, organizational management and change management. His research topics are skills management, HRM and territory and HRM and innovation.

He is the author of Gestion des compétences. Nouvelles dimensions, nouvelles relations, in collaboration with D. Retour and T. Picq, published by Vuibert in 2009. His latest article – “Innovation and quality of life at work: do “liberated” companies keep their promises?” (with R. Colle, I. Corbett, C. Perea and D. Richard) was published in issue 93 of the journal Management & Avenir in 2017.